You have landed here because if anything like me you are a multidimensional woman and you are ready for it all. Deep down you know there is untapped feminine potential within you that is responsible for your relationships, health & wealth. You are ready to lead your life with purpose, you are ready to mend & open your heart to safe & passionate love, and you are ready to synch up with your body to leave the days of emotional and physical struggle behind. The life of ease & grace you dream of is available to you. 

Welcome home, sister, you are in the right place. The magic of your inner feminine force begins here.  

Larisa Mustar, 33, Ibiza

"Gabi has helped me find safety & trust in my body and myself again. She helped me develop my voice & lead with my feminine energy. She helped me connect with the deepest parts of my fears, insecurities, blocks, addictions and traumas in a safe nurturing feminine way I have never experienced before. I now have a clear structure on how to navigate my relationships, life & purpose "

Kathryn Bolton, 42, Australia 

"I had a lot of doubts about doing the work and unpacking the things that I knew needed to be unpacked about my relationship blocks. I had spoken to other coaches, but after speaking with you, I liked your qualifications and your own journey which put me at ease and helped me decide to go all in! I had no idea how much I was disconnected from my body and emotions. I realized my dysfunctional relationship with my mother was the core reason why I was abandoning myself as a woman all these years. Healing this allowed me to develop a new self-image. I now know I am the leading actress of my life."

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Magdalena Grygorowicz, 47, Poland

"Un until starting work with Gabi, my relationships were really, really toxic. I really felt ready to step into this deep transformation with Gabi, guiding me to explore a relationship with myself and my body preparing me to build a really conscious, sacred relationship. I finally feel so ready! And it was such a pleasure to be guided by such a beautiful soul as Gabi is."


Amy Willerton, 31, Dubai

"Even at the times when I had my worst breakdowns, I was held by Gabi's firm structure & loving nurture. The main thing about her is that she is balanced in how she navigates feminine & masculine energies, which helped me create a healthy relationship with both of the energies in my relationships and my life."

Ashleigh Dobinson, 28, Qatar

"Gabi helped me address my fear of failure in old relationship patterns. She helped me heal the father wound and reconnect with feminine energy. Now I feel so much more at home with my body and myself. She gave me all the tools that I needed to shift my mindset. Life after Gabi has just been true and enjoyable. Best investment of my life. "

Micah Sami, 23, UK

"Gabi helped me through a lot of confusion in my purpose and mission. I was going through a low in my business, not feeling confident in my choices and feeling utterly confused about what I wanted to bring to the world. Through our work together, I was able connect with my true essence and have the courage and strength to embody my own vibration and trust that what I am creating is going to be of service and of value."




a feminine CEO.


Hello my love, I'm Gabi, 

I help driven women, just like you, harness their inner feminine potential, with powerful trauma healing & neuro-reprogramming tools I've been using for the past 8 years and the experience of turning my life's breakdowns into breakthroughs. After working together women can finally create conscious relationships and enjoy healthy intimacy while basking in a healthy body & their fullest self-expression on their life's mission.

If you want these kinds of results, we first have to unlock your soul's blueprint for love & highest potential as a woman and go on a journey of reclaiming what is rightfully yours from the generations of feminine repression, trauma, shame, fear and pain.

It's a journey of devoting yourself to yourself & your body. This journey is not for the faint-hearted. It's for those women who have decided they deserve it all: the love, the health & the prosperity - the feminine way. 


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PILLAR 1. EMOTIONAL: Trauma Healing

 Your current reality is based on your emotional experience. 

PILLAR 2. MENTAL:  Subconscious Belief Reprogramming

Your emotions control your current beliefs & convictions. We have to access the subconscious mind & reprogramme them. 

PILLAR 3. PHYSICAL: Feminine Physiology Optimization 

We have to map your past trauma in your body and understand how your body reacts to it physiologically. This is where all the physical feminine healing happens. 

PILLAR 4. ENERGETIC: Energetic Mastery

If you want it all, it's time to master the subtle energies that govern our existence to maximize your ability to be in an overflow of love, health & wealth. 


Every principle is interconnected. Therefore we work with each of the aspects separately and together. To heal trauma, to unlock your power & authentic self, to embody the feminine & the masculine energies in harmony. 


Is powered by the protection & survival mechanisms based on childhood experience, current life's circumstances & generational trauma. 



Is powered by your unique essence & highest purpose that aligns you to the highest quality of love, health & prosperity.

The Secret

lies in DECONSTRUCTING your Subconscious Blueprint which is currently the map to every aspect of your life and ACTIVATING your Soul's Blueprint which is the unique potential you hold within you that is currently dormant.

Subconscious Blueprint is governed by protection & survival mechanisms created in response to your childhood experience, current life circumstances & generational trauma.

Your Soul's Blueprint on the other hand is governed by your unique essence & highest purpose that aligns you to the highest quality of love, health & prosperity.

In order to access this potential within you we have to clear the repressed emotions of the past that are currently on the physical, emotional, mental & energetic levels.

I'm In!
Heal The Root Trauma & Reprogram Your Subconscious Blueprint For Love That is Holding You Back From Attracting A Loving Partner, Embodying Feminine Energy, Creating Healthy Polarity & Attachments With a Secure, Masculine Man In 16 Weeks


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Heal The Root Trauma & Reprogram Your Subconscious Blueprint For Love & Your Body That is Holding Your Back From Having A Healthy, Radiant Body & Weight And Attracting A Loving Romantic Relationship In 24 Weeks. This is A Longer & More Comprehensive, 2 Phase Program For A Woman Who Wants To Address Not Only Her Relationships But Also Her Physical & Emotional Body Issues


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Heal The Root Trauma & Reprogram Your Subconscious Blueprint For Self Expression, Money & Worth To Create An Unforgettable Brand Image & A Successful Business in 12 Weeks. Establish & Implement a Unique Marketing Strategy Suitable For Your Brand & Business, To Predictably Attract Your Soul Clients Using The Power Of Masculine & Feminine Energetics. Develop Your Voice, And Soul-Expression as A Feminine Leader In Your Field Of Expertise, Leaving Fear-Based Marketing, Unaligned Clients and Imposter Syndrome Behind


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The old paradigm that most coaches use is teaching you how to DO relationships, how to DO health, and how to DO wealth, which causes you to give away your power. And this means you are still navigating from a place of fear & not your highest potential. 

The SFR Signature System is here to anchor a new paradigm, giving you the tools to reclaim your personal power.

Gabi has walked the path you are currently walking. She will gently take your hand and guide you home to your true essence, through the most transformational healing journey of your life. 

You will develop a success mindset because you will be walking side by side with a woman who decided she had nothing to lose when her whole world collapsed to a stand still.

Gabi has intuitive ability to go exactly where it hurts the most and integrate it so it no longer hinders your life but empowers it.

Gabi has developed a systematic approach to deconstructing your subconscious blueprint, somatically integrating the deepest trauma blocks of the past, rewiring protective beliefs, which regulates your nervous system so you can hold more love, more health more prosperity and re-establish feminine-masculine energy balance in your being. 

At the School Of Feminine Reclamation, the philosophy is that a multidimensional woman deserves multidimensional healing for an extraordinary life.

Therefore she teaches & uses a range of healing & subconscious rewiring techniques she has practised on herself and 100s of female clients over the last 10 years. 

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"Every day I see passionate, multidimensional, entrepreneurial women building tall walls around them when it comes to intimacy, relationships and pursuing their purpose.

They are bulldozing through life, competing with men, competing with women, getting disappointed with yet another unavailable, non-committal, dominating or authoritarian, avoidant lover, shutting off their deepest desires and darkest emotions, like warriors on a battlefield they are rejecting their bodies and avoiding the elephant in the room - the disconnect from their feminine energy. 

Having witnessed 100s of women unleash their feminine power, including myself it is safe to say, if you're a woman it's the only way to deeply fulfilling relationships & highly aligned life. 

When we heal & come back into alignment with our feminine energy it's no joke. 

Clients have quit jobs, launched new businesses and programmes, left their partners, and manifested wealth and love that they previously thought was impossible. 

Here's your permission slip: Your soul chose to incarnate into a feminine body and master the feminine energy, the sooner you access this force of flow in your life, the sooner your life will start to flow for you."


"Gabi helped me find safety & trust in my body and myself again. She helped me develop my voice & lead with my feminine energy. She helped me connect with the deepest parts of my fears, insecurities, blocks, addictions and traumas in a safe nurturing feminine way I have never experienced before. I now have a clear structure on how to navigate my life & purpose. She helped me come home to myself. "



"Gabi helped me address my fear of failure and rejection in old relationship patterns. She helped me heal the father wound and reconnect with feminine energy. Now I feel so much more at home with my body and myself. She gave me all the tools that I needed to shift my mindset. Life after Gabi has just been true and enjoyable. Best investment of my life. "


"The way I would describe Gabi is ethereal. There is such a beauty to her character you instantly feel safe and held. I felt so comfortable to be vulnerable and allow to see all parts of me to be seen. She showed me the ways in which I had been conducting myself, bound by the protective mechanism to please all around me, much to my exhaustion, self deprivation, and inability to withstand confrontation. She allowed me to realise that I could overcome the fear of my past."



"Before working together with Gabi, I was lost, I had no self-worth & value for my life. Gabi helped me understand what I had been through was really serious, she helped me work my way through the chains of emotions and trauma wrapped around me that were sabotaging me moving forwards in my relationships and find myself who I am as a woman"






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Integrating Neuroscience, Psychology, Somatic Healing & Energetics to create a new paradigm of love, intimacy & prosperity for the women who want it all. 

Gabi is an international transformational coach and integrative healing expert to extraordinary women ready to reclaim their self-expression and thrive in their relationships, health & life's mission.

Gabi has dedicated the past 8 years to her own feminine reclamation journey through multidimensional healing. As the founder of the School of Feminine Reclamation, she has guided hundreds of women to heal deep-rooted traumas, align their identities with their manifestations, and step into their radiant feminine power over these past 8 years.

Gabi integrates neuroscience, hormone physiology, psychology, somatic, and energetic healing in her methodology to create transformation in her female clients.

That is why she is known for pushing the boundaries beyond known paradigms, helping women transcend their limitations and discover their true potential. Her unwavering commitment to holistic growth and empowerment makes her a powerful catalyst for change, inspiring women to embrace their authentic selves and lead lives filled with purpose, joy, and boundless possibilities.


"My mission is guiding women through the reclamation of the power they once gave away. The power to express their truth, the power to thrive in health, the power to love and be loved, the power to embody their true soul's desires & calling. I am here for the women who know they are ab-so-lutely extraordinary!"



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