Along my healing journey, I came to realize I never truly embodied the feeling of being loved. I sought to fill this void with addictive and compulsive habits even relationships where I've used people to gain validation and protect me from the gutwrenching feelings of rejection and abandonment. What I found underneath this was more than anything my little scientific scope of knowledge was able to explain. A world of energetics, somatics, shamanism, generational trauma and the lost power of the divine feminine energy was the answer to years of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, body dysmorphia and deep hate towards myself. 

The reclamation of the feminine was my path to freedom, love and prosperity, and it can also be yours.




It all started...

with a hit in my face, in the middle of the street, carrying Asda groceries, 5 years ago.


The hit came from a narcissistic man, I was seeing during the darkest time of my life.


It was the wake-up call for the most magical journey of my life. But in that moment in time, I wanted to sink into the ground.


So how did I get here?


3 years leading up to this point I was struggling with body dysmorphia, disordered eating and anxiety - Imagine, a qualified personal trainer and nutritional coach, specialising in bodybuilding and weight loss, with 1st class honours in neuroscience & psychology. 


I was a hyper-independent workaholic, running my own business, with too much pride to ask for help and too many unmet expectations, until I drove everyone I loved away, and ended up completely alone.


I glorified men for their physical strength, and their ability to stay cold-blooded and succeed professionally, without the burden of being “emotionally weak” and “pre-menstrual”, unlike women.


Yet at the same time, I hated them and didn’t trust a single man, including my father.


Women were an unknown species to me, I couldn’t relate to them, I couldn’t make friends with them I felt total and utter resistance to them.


I was emotionally detached from my body. I saw it as flawed and ugly. I didn’t feel comfortable in my skin, and I used my Pussy as nothing more but an instrument for sex.


And although I hated my body, I used it to get validation from men through sex.


I experienced times when I wanted to say no and I didn’t. And with every time I didn’t say no I invalidated myself and my emotions.


No matter how much my body would signal the repressed emotions and unresolved trauma, through things like,

no period for 3 years, cysts, endometriosis, gut inflammation, psoriasis, food intolerances, candida, hypoglycaemia, extreme weight loss, extreme weight gain and so on, I would push it all down even more.

Until my first collapse.

I collapsed on the concrete heading home in Canary Wharf from work one late night. A security guard found me with blood gushing out of my head like a fountain.


I was delirious and yet even in that moment, I played my masculine bravado very well while inside I was dying and begging for someone to pick me up, wrap me up in their arms and take me to rehab.


That unfortunately didn’t happen. Instead, I ended up crying, alone in a cold hospital bed.


This is when HER Formula™ was born, a 7-step protocol to restore a woman’s hormones, and eliminate weight gain, burn-out & and stress in 3 months' time.


I of course added the holistic slice of magic and helped women fix their relationship with food and their bodies, because if you follow my content you will know, that it’s all connected.


But, you might still be wondering... How did I get to a point where a man raised a hand on me?


By that point, I was physically and emotionally broken.


I feared rejection and being not enough - these, were my driving forces, for everything I did in life, so I everything I did invalidated me and validated the mask I was wearing, that's how I let others control me, the same way my mother did.


This created so much resentment in my later years, simply, because I was so afraid to be my own authentic self and to do the things that I loved doing the most, which held me back from my mission and soul's purpose. 


I was a perfectionist and a people pleaser, “no” was not part of my vocabulary. I co-dependently clung to my partners, searching for my father in them that I never had.


This is where my crippling anxiety came from.


Every single experience and decision in my life led me to a point where I was disrespected, shamed, undervalued, unloved and abused.

Which was the mirror of how I felt towards myself.


After that hit, something inside of me started to awaken. Spiritually and emotionally.


I took a hard look at myself and deep down I knew I deserved more, so I made it my mission to build an indestructible core of self-love and do whatever it takes.


I took responsibility for all of it.

For all the childhood/generational trauma and all the limiting beliefs I had created for myself.

This journey took me all the way around the world.


It took me into rooms and containers with teachers, mentors, and monks who, step by step, piece by piece helped me come home to MY SELF.


I rinsed my body like a towel with somatic, mind-body healing practices, yoga, breathwork techniques, sacred plant medicines, shamanic rituals, hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, TRE, constellation therapy, attachment repatterning and many other modalities - many of which I am qualified to practice now.

All of which allowed me to heal & transform and awaken as a Shaman.



After coaching women for more than 6 years I developed my own tools & system and launched the School Of Feminine Reclamation™ which is helping women across the world come home to their bodies, their truth, their purpose, their boundaries, their values, their desires, their sensuality, their pleasure, their love for themselves and lead their relationships and mission from a place of ease.


I've been to some really dark places in my mind, and this is why bravely lead hundreds of women every year from the jaws of their breakdowns into their breakthroughs.


Now, success to me looks like effortless health and connection to my body and it’s power. Orgasmically surrendering & getting turned on by life and my man. Enjoying conscious, deeply intimate, passionate and slow love.


Freely travelling the world, unapologetically sharing my voice, educating, inspiring & and motivating women how they can do the same.

My pain became my purpose.

This is why I believe with every cell of my body that you and your life circumstances can change not over years, not over months but in moments with the right tools, guidance & knowledge.

So If you’re ready to heal the root of your unhealthy relationship patterns and become the woman who effortlessly generates love, health and wealth.

I want to invite you for an exclusive Taster Breakthrough Session with me, where we will dive deeply into your current struggles with your relationships, and your health and look at where you are hitting the ceiling in your business endeavours.


I believe in you, 



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"I feel so much more alive after working with Gabi. I used to attract people out of old trauma patterns to please others and put myself last. Gabi helped me see how I was abandoning myself and how much this was affecting my life. She helped me heal it in a really loving and powerful way that I was so afraid to face alone. I never felt that being of service to myself was a priority, I always felt like I needed to take care of the people I was romantically involved with in my life. Gabi helped me move through this childhood trauma that I didn't even know was there before we started to work together. Now I am taking care of myself before I take care of others without guilt and I feel alive! Thank you Gabi for being the catalyst to my relationship transformation"


"As we started to work together I realised I didn’t have much love for myself or a clear direction to my life’s purpose. Gabi played a pivotal role in my trauma healing journey and recovery - mentally, emotionally and physically. The coaching has been transformational, we have worked a total of a year and half together and I can safely say I’m a new person. With Gabi’s help I was able to organise my life and pursue my passion for creating art & make a business out of it. "


Ready To Access Your Soul's Blueprint For Love & Reclaim Your Feminine Potential?