Have You Ever Felt Stuck In Life?

One of the biggest reasons it's so hard to have what we deep down desire is that our emotional state determines our belief system, which creates the world around us.

The biggest issue is we have never been taught how to accept ourselves, & our true emotional state.

Instead, we have been taught to shut it down.

This makes us act out of fear or shame in our relationships, it holds us back in showing up authentically, fully to life, ourselves & our mission which as a result we live a life of untapped potential.

So there's no point to change the environment around us.

We have to change the physiology of our emotional experience within us, to change the environment around us.

It is Time To  Let Go Of The Emotions Of Your Past & Reclaim Your True Self

An integrative emotional trauma healing methodology aimed to restore safety in the body so you can be who you came here to be.

 "I undertook a psychedelic-assisted, integrative coaching and healing program with Gabi and have no hesitation in recommending her as a mentor, to take through such a sensitive deep dive into yourself.
Having worked with a variety of plant medicines in group ceremonies and in private settings over many years, this was my first assisted session and I wasn't sure what to expect.
Gabi has a wonderful blend of being warm, nurturing, and supportive to gently encourage and comfort you, but also the solid, grounded power to lean into when things get challenging.
She really helped me get into the heart of some of my emotional issues, which are easy to avoid and tip-toe around when you are by yourself. I could get closer to the centre of the trauma and release the emotion around it, coming out feeling clearer and lighter, knowing that I had shifted some heaviness that needed to be let go of. It also gave me some clarity and understanding of the truth of some scenarios which had been gnawing at me and perhaps holding me back in life.
It was a wonderful experience, and that is largely due to Gabi being an authentic space holder and guide of real integrity."

3 Pillars

Of The Integrative Healing Method

Prolonged Breathwork / Plant Medicine

Breathing for a prolonged period from 1-3 hours through the mouth.

This is voluntary hyperventilation, and it manipulates the CO2 levels in the body in such a way that it reduces blood flow to the prefrontal cortex, this gives us access to the autonomic nervous system.

Where profound visions, memories, and emotional and trauma release has the possibility to take place easily because ultimately we are accessing the subconscious mind without mind-altering substances.

Somatic Emotional Release

The subconscious mind lies in the entirety of fascia where the memories and traumatic unresolved experiences actually live.

This is why the second component is somatic release. It's about psysically manipulating points in the body to start moving the stagnant emotional energy.


Energetic Healing

The energetic shift in your state of being is possible because the breathwork/ plant medicine & the shamanic instruments played during the session induce a trance-like psychedelic state, where the brain waves of the participant slow down to theta and delta frequency, these are higher states of consciousness where deep healing, restful sleep, intuition, psychic capacity are active.

As a facilitator I can help you direct this energy upwards through the lowest energy centres where a lot of life force energy is coiled up, towards the higher energy centres, bringing the centres back into alignment and letting go of the energetic blocks created by traumatic life experiences we all have.

At this point, many people report experiencing a connection to a higher source of consciousness/ God/spiritual awakening/kundalini/ orgasmic/blissful/ecstatic states of being. 

All carefully integrated into a systemized 6-month coaching programme to help you break through relationship, money, health & purpose blocks. 

"The session was a truly transformative experience! Gabi created a safe and peaceful environment that allowed me to let go of all stress and tension I was holding onto. I felt supported and guided throughout the ceremony, and lighter and more at peace after. I would highly recommend it! "


"So much has shifted physically & spiritually for me. I felt so held to open up and release years of emotional baggage. "


"I didn't know what to expect going into the session. During the process, I could feel like I was connecting with myself in a really profound way which I haven't felt in a really long time. I will definitely do this again as I can already see the befits"


"When I first met Gabi I was just diagnosed with ADD and had suffered from traumatic brain injury after an accident. I could barely concentrate, I had a short temper and I was very snappy with my family and friends. I also had social anxiety which made it difficult for me to communicate with others. As we started to work together I realised I didn’t have much love for myself or a clear direction to my life’s purpose. Gabi’s unique and systematic approach to trauma healing and mindset development has surpassed years of counselling, anxiety, depression and sleepless nights I will never get back. We have worked a total of a year and a half together, and I can safely say I’m a new person. I no longer take medication, I found a purpose in life, and I have a clear direction of where I am going and the people I surround myself with. For the first time in my life, I am in a healthy relationship. I am saying no without guilt and fear of rejection, and I am not needing to gain validation from my father. I am standing tall and healthy in my power all thanks to Gabi and her special healing gifts.


"I have done Gabi's previous coaching programmes in the past, so I thought I knew what to expect but I must say I had been blown away by the breathwork and psychedelics-assisted therapy.

We have been working for the past 3 months on overcoming emotional eating and other self-sabotaging habits that I have been using to cope with unresolved trauma. 

The healing sessions have been something I have never experienced before. They are physical, emotional, and energetic. Half of the time I have no idea what is happening but I fully trust Gabi's skills and gifts, because after each session I feel less anxiety, less tension, less need to over-eat, and less procrastination as someone with a neurodivergent, ADD brain.This is the only programme that is helping me get my life back and I can without a doubt say Gabi is an incredible human with healing abilities. For the first time in my life, I can say without a doubt in my mind that I know it's a matter of time now until I fully take control over my life again. "



Highest Level In-Person Integrative Healing & Coaching Programme


A rigorous Screening Process is carried out on every participant who wishes to join the programme, to ensure they are a right fit for the healing experience. 




6-Month In-person Integrative Healing & Coaching Programme.

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6-Month Integrative Healing & Coaching  Programme For Couples.

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Programme tailored upon special request.

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 "I met Gabi a couple of years ago and
we became friends instantly.
The way I would describe Gabi is
ethereal. There is such a beauty to
her character you instantly feel safe
and held.
I spoke to Gabi about things I have
never shared with a single soul. I felt
so comfortable to be vulnerable and
allow to see all parts of me to be
She showed me the ways in which I
had been conducting myself, bound
by the protective mechanism to
please all around me, much to my
exhaustion, self-deprivation, and
inability to withstand confrontation.
She comforted me when I cried and
cried & released so much built-up
emotional weight
from the past.
She reassured me during times of
discomfort, and allowed me to realise
that I could overcome the fear of my
For that, I am truly thankful x 
- R.B.


Bridging Neuroscience, Psychology & Somatics with Shamanic Wisdom to create a new paradigm of love, intimacy & prosperity. 

International Integrative Healer & Coach. Expert in Emotional & Trauma Healing rooted in relationships & intimacy, Gabi is a modern-day medicine woman who helps women reclaim radiant health, powerful love & deep intimacy. She is here to support the rise of visionaries and leaders ready to step into their soul's purpose & uncensored magic.

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